Our Story

We are a local plant shop located on the busy intersection of Queen Street West and Bathurst Street. Established in 2003, we first started selling convenience goods such as lottery, fruits, vegetables, milk, and bread. The store was first operated by my parents, and I began to take over the business following their retirement. We faced early challenges such as rising costs and new grocery chain expansions. It became very difficult to sustain our business. It got to a point where I almost sold our business! However, with the support of my husband, we decided to take a different path and try something new. The first thing that came to mind was my interest in plants and gardening. I love the aesthetics and energy that plants bring, and my family loves it too! I always planned a trip with my family to see what new plants are growing at our local farms and markets. I never get tired of this! And that sparked an idea - why not share this passion with our community? Considering how hard it was to find plants in our city, this will help attract plant enthusiasts like myself find something new to grow in our city. With the help of my husband, we decided to revamp our store and sell plants and flowers. We started lightly, just small house plants and orchids, and slowly we started to expand and include flowers, plant accessories like pots and soils. From there, it was an easy decision to keep going and pursue this passion. Over the years we have met many great people and members of the community who also share the same passion as us. I always love to talk about your planting needs whether you are new to plant care or experienced. Today, the makeup of our store is mostly plants and we even have a garden at the back of our store (summer secret)! We still kept the originality of our store by selling fruits, general house items and lottery. I am truly excited to come in each day and serve my community while also able to pursue my passion and continue to grow our business!

We work with various local vendors in Ontario to supply the best and freshest products to our community. We are always on the search for something new, if you have something we don't carry in store feel free to let us know! If you need help with your planting needs, we can help you select from our wide range of exotic plants, and fresh cut flowers suited for any occasion. Our friendly staff demonstrates a passion to help our customers achieve their planting needs for every season and to meet your satisfaction! 

Queens Fruit Market & Plants