Return Policy

All live goods are final sale once it leaves our store. No exchanges or refunds.

We do not offer refunds or exchanges on any live goods after your pickup/delivery date. If you received something you are unsatisfied with, it must be communicated to us on the day of your pickup/delivery, with a proof of purchase for further actions. All live goods that are not returned in the condition in which they were purchased will not qualify for any potential exchange. 

• Once plant materials leave our store we do not have the ability to guarantee that the weather, plant predators, insects, plant diseases, soil, and location that it is planted in, or the care it receives will ensure that the plants selected will thrive or survive. It is up to the individual gardener to pay attention to their plant's needs and problems as they arise. What we can do is offer you advice and tips. Or you may schedule an appointment with us to have us take a look and troubleshoot. 

• Regular maintenance for trees, shrubs, perennials, and plants is watering, insect control, pruning, etc. All of these are subject to proper planting conditions. After any plant materials leave our store there is no warranty or guarantee implied.

• If you have a personal preference for any of our live goods (plants, flowers, or bundles) you may come in store to pick your own item(s) before we package your order. Simply give us a contact after you placed your order and we will have that arranged for you when you come pick up.

• For all other hard goods (planters & pots), if you received something that you are unsatisfied with on your pickup/delivery date. Products must be returned in good condition to qualify for an exchange with proof of purchase. 

• We reserve the right to refuse any products that are not in good condition or damaged upon return.

For any immediate concerns, please Get In Touch with us!  

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